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Everything you need to know before you book!

How does it work?

We set up your luxury picnic or event of your choice and have it ready upon arrival. Once you arrive, we leave you to enjoy your picnic experience for the contracted 2 hours.  Towards the end of your picnic, we will notify you that we are coming back to clean up. You are then free to spend the rest of your day however you'd like.


How far in advance should I book?

We recommend planning as early as possible!  Booking 1 month to 3 weeks in advance gives us enough time to prepare. If you would like to book less than 1 week from your preferred date, simply give us a call and inquire. We may be able to squeeze you in. 


How do I book an event?

Simply fill out the contact form located in the Inquire Tab. Once we receive your inquiry form, we will then schedule a phone consultation so we can go over everything and finish out the details. Once everything has been confirmed, a proposal detailing your event and responsibilities will be sent over to you. We will require a 50% non-refundable retainer to confirm your event. An invoice with a link to a secure site will be sent over for your bookings. Once we receive the deposit along with a signed contract, you will receive confirmation about your event. The full balance of your event will be processed one full week before your event.  


Do you obtain park and beach permits?

Yes, we do! Please allow us enough time to obtain these permits and keep in mind that some locations may not be available. This will be an additional fee ($150 permit fee + a $25 processing fee). Information about Rock Creek State Park can be found on


What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?

We do understand that things come up, so we are committed to working with you on rescheduling your event for a later date and Time. We require 24-hour notice before your event for any cancellations. We do not offer refunds but we can offer credit that can be used up to six months after your initial booking. Clients who are 30 minutes late will be considered no-shows and will not be issued a refund. We are unable to extend the time frame of your event to make up the difference. 


What is a damage fee?

To ensure our items are being well kept for longevity, in the event of damages, there is a $100 damage fee that we will charge after your event. This fee may occur 48 hours after your event has ended. This time allows our team to effectively inspect for any damages (rips, stains, etc.) that may have happened during your event. During the event, clients are held responsible for Mick'Nics items until the end of your event. If anything is lost or stolen during the time of the event, we reserve the right to charge the $100 damage fee for our loss. Mick’Nics is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items to personal belongings that may occur during the duration of your event.


What if I want to leave my picnic early?

If you choose to leave early, Mick'Nics will not offer any refunds for leaving the event earlier than anticipated. Please do not leave our items unattended. During the event, clients are held responsible for our picnic items until we return to clean up


What happens if I need to Reschedule? 

 Clients have a sixmmonth limit from the original picnic date to reschedule and the new picnic must be of equal or higher value. 

What If There's Bad Weather Expected for My Picnic? 

We always confirm your booking 72 hours before your event, which includes touching base about the forecast. If bad weather is expected, we do our best to adjust the time that day for your setup. If the entire day is looking to have rain or snow and we have the availability, we can do it a day prior or a day after your original date. We may also be able to procure an alternate location if need be. If we cannot accommodate your picnic, we provide a 50% refund or a full refund via a credit that can be used at a later time. That refund is good for use up to three months after the original booking date.


How Many Guests Can You Accommodate?

We can accommodate 2-75 guests.  We do offer additional event setups for up to 30 people that require more time and planning.


Can I Have Alcohol At My Picnic?

For picnics at a private home, residence, or venue any guests 21+ can have alcohol but we cannot provide the alcohol. Unfortunately, due to local liquor laws, alcohol is not allowed in our public parks. Alcohol is also not allowed at locations in public spaces. 


What Bathrooms Are Available During My Picnic? 

Unfortunately, many of our parks and open spaces do not have bathroom facilities. We encourage you to go beforehand. In-home or at venue setups may include a bathroom depending on location. 

Are Dogs or Kids Allowed? 

Dogs are allowed as long as you obey local park rules in regards to local leash laws for dogs. An additional cleaning fee may apply if there is any damage that results from your dog or kids. Please try and keep your pets off our pillows. Please inquire about our kids-only picnics and events. 


What Upgrades Are Available? 

We're glad you asked! We have so many fun and great Add Ons that can be personalized to fit your event. Please see our Add Ons list under the Services tab.   If you're hosting an event at a private residence, business or venue, we have special Add Ons specific to those venues. 

How Much Time is Allowed for a Picnic?

We allow for 2  hours to enjoy your setup. This proved to be enough time for groups of 2-6. For larger parties, you may want more time. In that case, we always allow you to book an additional hour for $50. We can extend that time even longer for events in private homes, businesses, or venues (Ask about our Diamond Package). 


Where Do You Set Up Picnics?

We can set up in your home or backyard, business, or a local venue. We can also set up at your local park or anywhere suitable to accommodate your event. Please note that any picnics hosted at the local state parks may require a Day-Of Venue permit which will not be included in your price. You may procure the permit yourself or allow us to procure it for you ($150 State Park Permit Fee +$25 Processing Fee.). Mick’Nics can also host your event at a local in-home venue in Street, MD. 


Can I bring Food?

You sure Can! Mick’Nics may be able to help you coordinate with local food vendors to be able to provide you and your guests with meals. 


What Are My Grazing Board Options?

We offer the choice between a traditional charcuterie & cheese graze box, a vegetarian graze box, or a dessert graze box. If requested, Mick’Nics also offers a vegan graze box option and can substitute for gluten-free crackers or dairy-free cheese. A brunch option can be offered if requested. 

What Is a Fix-It-Kit?

A Fix-It-Kit includes a medley of items you'll need for your picnics. This includes a first aid kit, bug spray, speakers, lotion, gum, charging bank, and phone cords (Android and iPhone), etc.


COVID-19 Precautions

  • All surfaces are sanitized before and after each event.

  • All pillowcases and blankets are washed after each event. Pillows without pillowcases are sanitized after each event.

  • Dinnerware and drinkware are washed after each event. All silverware are washed after each event.

  • We can provide disposable utensils upon request. 

  • Mick’Nics team members wear gloves and masks when handling all picnic items.

  • We provide hand sanitizer at each picnic.

  • When greeting clients, Mick’Nics team members are wearing masks and keeping a socially safe distance of 6 feet apart.

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