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Day of Coordinator

Day of Coordination Services

 A wedding coordinator is essential in making sure your wedding day runs smoothly. The confusion between "day of" and "month of" coordination has been understandable, but we're here to clear it up once and for all! Think of your coordinator as a project manager, making sure every detail is perfectly in place, every standard is met, and everything runs like clockwork. Behind the scenes, we're working tirelessly to ensure your wedding is both fun and flawlessly organized for you and your guests.

Meeting your coordinator for the first time on your wedding day? No way! That’s why the concept of “month of” coordination exists. It’s about more than just the wedding day itself—it's about all the preparation that leads up to it. At Mick'Nics, we believe in being proactive. We take the time to meet with our couples, understand their vision, and finalize every detail to ensure the big day is seamless. From creating layouts and timelines to coordinating with vendors and handling last-minute issues, we do it all so you can enjoy a stress-free and joyous wedding day.

While our coordination shines on the "day of," our services actually begin six weeks before the wedding. This crucial preparation period allows us to make sure everything is in perfect order. That's why calling it “day of coordinating” can be misleading. So, whether you call it “day of” or “month of” coordination, rest assured that Mick'Nics will be there with you every step of the way to make sure your big day—and the weeks leading up to it—run smoothly and beautifully.

Our services are affordable starting at $2,000 for an entire month of Services!



Our Day of Coordination package ensures that every detail of your wedding day is meticulously planned and flawlessly executed. Here's what you can expect:


- In-Person Consultations: Two face-to-face or Zoom meetings before the wedding day to discuss all the details.
- Unlimited Communication: Unlimited emails and phone calls to finalize all logistics.
- Detailed Timeline Creation: A comprehensive wedding day timeline/itinerary (from setup to breakdown) to be approved by the couple and distributed to all vendors.
- Layout Design: Creation of ceremony and reception layouts based on the final guest count

Vendor Relationship

- Vendor Coordination: Personal introductions and communication with all vendors.
- Timeline Confirmation: Review and confirmation of the wedding day timeline with vendors.
- Final Venue Walkthrough: A final walkthrough of the venue to familiarize ourselves with the event space, seating, and room layout for both the ceremony and reception

Rehearsal Dinner and
Wedding Day

- Comprehensive Coordination: Up to 30 hours of wedding day and rehearsal dinner coordination, including setup and breakdown. 
- Assistant Coordinator: An additional assistant available for weddings with up to 200 guests.
- Vendor Oversight: Supervision of vendor setup for both the ceremony and reception spaces.
- Primary Point of Contact: Serve as the main contact for all vendors, managing questions, approving deliveries, and troubleshooting as needed.
- Couple and Wedding Party Assistance: Providing support for the couple and wedding party before the ceremony.
- Floral Distribution: Distributing bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages.
- Wedding Party Organization: Ensuring the wedding party is in place and ready for the ceremony.
- Orchestrating Key Moments: Managing the couple’s entrance, wedding toasts, speeches, special dances, bouquet toss, garter toss, and grand exit according to the timeline.
- Personal Item Management: Collecting personal items and gifts, ensuring they are with the designated person and ready for the end of the night.


Bundle Our Services!

- Tablespace Styling Services 
- Rentals 
- Faux Floral Arrangements 

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